Our buildings blocks : the first step... for the last meters of the Internet of Things

We at R6E developed a complete Hardware and Software ecosystem, which enables to rapidly implement a cost-efficient but powerful wireless monitoring platform for industrial applications

Radio Sensors

RADIO6ENSE customers can profit from a wide set of passive and battery assisted (BAP) sensors, both for real time and logging mode operation. Some of them:
  • Temperature sensors (for low, medium high temperature ranges);
  • Force and deformation sensors;
  • Pressure sensors;
  • Light sensors;
  • Humidity sensors;
  • Acceleration and orientation sensors;
  • Tampering sensors.
The different sensors types at hand allow to quantitatively measure physical parameters in the environment or inside materials, as well as to conform to bowed surfaces with minimal bulkiness.
The sensors can be divided in three configurations:

  • Card: sensor for surface measurement
  • Stick: sensor for in-depth measurement
  • Flex: flexible sensor for bowed surface measurement
The Radio6ense ecosystem is moreover compatible with third-party  RFID sensors


RADIO6ENSE employs readers with short, medium and long range, with the aim of optimally covering the read range and guaranteeing accessibility, according to the need of the particular application.

Our preferential partners are Jadak/ThingMagic and CAEN, but HW and SW customizations are possible.

  • Long range
  • Short range
  • Handheld
  • Key-fob

RADIO6ENSE is also Italian official reseller of Jadak products. 

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 Software Platforms

  • RADIOscan: Processing Core for  Windows and Windows mobile
  • RADIOindustry: Graphical Interface for data acquisition and elaboration in real-time
  • RADIOmobile: Android App for Key-fob reader with Bluetooth interface.
Beside the interrogation and elaboration tools, R6E also takes care of data analytics, edge computing, cybersecurity and IoT communication platforms, such as LoRa and SigFox.

Low-Power Wireless Area Network

The RADIO6ENSE monitoring system can be integrated with low-power data transmission platforms, such as the ones rapidly becoming standards for IoT, i.e.:

  • LoraWan
  • Sigfox
In such a way, the data collected from the sensors can be transferred in real-time towards Cloud services and used to feed impressive dashboards for a remote data analysis with immediate understanding of the various phenomena.

Quick-Start IoT Kit

RADIOscan Kit: Demo kit plug & play for the installation and setup of a simple WSN based on RADIO6ENSE sensors.
The kit includes:

  • N.1 USB EPC GEN-2 UHF medium-range reader
  • N.1  R1170I qIDmini Bluetooth short-range UHF RFID Reader 
  • N.10 battery-less temperature tags 
  • N.1  USB cable for interconnection with a PC 
  • N.1 license of the  RADIOSCAN software