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Anti Counterfeiting

The problem
The integrity of goods along the supply chain is nowadays protected by mechanical seals, which ensure the correct closure of the transporting containers.
Such seals have the capability of making visually evident any attempt of tampering.
However, their grade of security is relatively low, as the tampering act could possibly be disguised. and hence not identifiable anymore.
Moreover, their use does not fit with the automated management of logistic procedures and demands for a time-extensive manual examination of each seal.
A new family of seals is thus necessary, able to satisfy the Industry 4.0 standards and to take part into process automation and checkpoint security level improvement.
Our solution
Upon request of a leader manufacturer of security seals, Radio6ense developed a new family of hybrid multi-functional devices, complementing the robustness of standard mechanical seals with the security and the flexibility of the Internet of Things, i.e. wireless functionality and cryptographic authentication.
The new seals include batteryless tags for Radiofrequency Identification (RFID), readable both from a few centimers away with common smartphones but also from up to 10m when using ad-hoc readers.
The devices are able to detect and digitally record a tampering event, also in case it has been disguised such that it is visually not identifiable.
The use of cryptography allows moreover to implement advanced authentication techniques, to guide the operator during the installation and the integrity test phase.

Expected benefits
The new devices will easen the modernization of logistic procedures connected to cargo handling and anti-counterfeiting.
The use of wireless labels, following the widespread standards NFC and UHF-RFID and integrated inseparably into the mechanics of the seal, will enable to speed up the procedures for the control of goods: for instance, it will be possible to check and catalogue containers while on the move, with a strong limitation of manual activities to be performed by operators.