Open Innovation R&D Partner 
for Industry 4.0
The wide collaboration network among research centres, electronic component providers and manufacturing companies allows us to set up the whole industrial chain for the production of innovative new products. Moreover, it gives us the chance to facilitate the access to tax credit for investments in technological innovation and to incentives for "iper-amortisation" of the italian Piano Industria 4.0.

Design and Customization of Wireless Sensors
Starting from customer's requests, R6E designs and develops prototypes for custom radio sensors, also batteryless, able to be embedded into different materials and to be integrated into the customer's products and devices. R6E, moreover, provides software and expertise for their remote interrogation, for data transmission on TCP-IP and SigFox networks, as well as preliminary Data Analytics.

Education for Industry 4.0

Radio6ense provides professional education courses, focused on new technologies for device interconnection in the framework of Industry 4.0 and more specifically on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology,  for quality monitoring during manufacturing, logistics, after-sale servicing and disposal.